Dodo Juice Banana Armour Wax Sample

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Dodo Juice Banana Armour Wax Sample is a hard wax created for warm coloured cars. Contains yellow beeswax, orange oil and banana oil.

Ideally applied by foam applicator pad, Banana Armour is a high carnauba wax that spreads thinly before setting like stone. Extremely impressive results, whether in terms of shine, beading or durability and perfect for layering. With yellow beeswax, orange oil and banana oil.

A small pot of Dodo Juice wax. Usually enough for three to four layers on a car.

Mini jars are the perfect way to sample the Dodo Juice range, without having to commit to a full size pot. Each jar contains 30ml of wax, enough to put a layer or four on an average sized car (with careful application). Some customers have reported nine or more coats of wax from a single pot, so a little does go a long way.

How to use:
Apply Dodo Juice to clean paintwork, then leave to cure for approx 5-10 mins until hazed. Do not allow to cake on. Buff off with a clean microfibre. Layer after 1-24 hours if required.

Available in 30ml tubs.