Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Wax

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Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Wax is a soft wax suitable for any coloured car. Contains candelilla wax.

A high carnauba car wax without the high price, Rainforest Rub gives you the depth, warmth and durability of more expensive brands at a fraction of the cost. Soft enough to apply by hand and suitable for all paint colours, Rainforest Rub contains added candelilla wax and smells of fresh watermelon.

How to use:
Apply Dodo Juice to clean paintwork, then leave to cure for approx 5-10 mins until hazed. Do not allow to cake on. Buff off with a clean microfibre. Layer after 1-24 hours if required.

Available in 30ml & 250ml tubs.