Forever Black Bumper & Trim Cleaner & Reconditioner Kit

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Forever Black Bumper & Trim Cleaner & Reconditioner Kit restores a dark, black, finish on sun-faded bumpers and body mouldings. This is not a cosmetic dressing. It's an easy-to-use permanent dye. It permanently colours black plastic, rubber and vinyl with the same polymers that the manufacturers use. It is not a silicone dressing - silicone products will make plastic, vinyl and rubber appear to have regained their colour but the change is temporary. Plus, silicone oils have been known to dry out the applied areas creating a bigger problem. Silicone also tends to leave a greasy residue even after buffing.

How to use:
1. Prepare surface to be treated with Forever Black Cleaner Concentrate or wit a detergent that will remove oil, silicone and dirt residue. Allow to dry completely. (If surface is not completely clean of all oil and silicone, Forever Black will not adhere properly). To prevent staining of your hands, wear rubber or latex gloves.
2. Squeeze a small amount of Forever Black Bumper & Trim Reconditioner onto applicator.
3. Apply an even coat of the reconditioned over the desired area. For best results, keep applicator saturated.
4. Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.

Note: If Forever Black Bumper & Trim Reconditioner gets on paint work, remove immediately with a damp microfiber cloth.

Kit includes:
Bumper & Trim Reconditioner - 6oz - 177ml
Cleaner Concentrate - 4oz - 118ml