Gliptone Liquid Leather Foam Cleaner

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Gliptone Liquid Leather Foam Cleaner is a pump-action mousse cleaner which will surface clean and remove general soiling from semi-aniline and waxed aniline leathers, especially if it is aged and worn. It is however, unlikely to remove grime from delicate leathers that have suffered from long term neglect.

How to use:
Semi-aniline leathers can “water stain” if wetted too much, so the mousse acts as an ideal substitute. Foam Cleaner should be applied sparingly to the soiled area and left for no more than 10 seconds then gently wiped off in one direction with a clean dry white absorbent cloth - do not rub it in a circular motion. Repeat if necessary. It is important not to allow the cleaner to rest and soak in as this could result in a water stain.

Note: Because the dyes in pure aniline leather are not colourfast, we do not offer a “foolproof” cleaning product for pure aniline leather. Pure aniline leather can often look worse after cleaning than before, and whilst some companies do offer cleaners for pure aniline, we’ve been made aware of many destructive results.

Available in 250ml bottles.