Gliptone Liquid Leather Safety Solvent Cleaner

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Gliptone Liquid Leather Safety Solvent Cleaner is a low odour, mild solvent that will effortlessly remove dye transfer, especially when newly transferred, without damaging the leather's protective sealant or removing colour. It will also remove fresh ink, grease and oil marks plus carbon from motorcycle leathers.

How to use:
Apply Safety Solvent Cleaner with a soft white cloth, gently rubbing away the stain. Wipe dry with a white cloth. If cleaning large areas, clean again with Intensive Cleaner to remove residue. Finally apply Leather Conditioner to replenish natural oils and reinstate the leather smell. Safety Solvent Cleaner should be used as a spotting cleaner rather than saturating the leather.

Note: Do not use on nubuck, suede or aniline leather.

Available in 250ml bottles.