Gtechniq Automotive Glass Care Kit

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Gtechniq Automotive Glass Care Kit contains everything in the Gtechniq range needed to clean, polish and protect automotive glass to make driving in difficult conditions easier and safer. The Automotive Glass Care Kit offers a 12% saving when compared to buying the contents individually.

How to Use:
1. G4 Nano Glass Polish contains pure polishing agents which remove residues of oils, dirt and old sealants. Apply using the MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff Cloth using a circular motion and buff off any excess.
2. Apply G1 using the applicator pads provided. Allow to cure for around 15 minutes, apply a second layer and allow to cure for a further 15 minutes. Use G2 on a lint-free cloth to remove the excess G1. After this, buff the whole screen with a clean, dry MF1 cloth.
3. For best results clean wiper blades with IPA solution to ensure they are completely free of oils or contaminants, or if the blades are worn replace them.
4. G6 is a pure glass cleaner without fragrances or colourings, ensuring perfectly clear, smear-free glass every time. G6 is safe to use on window tints.

Kit Includes:
100ml G4 Nano Glass Polish
15ml G1 Clear Vision Glass
15ml G2 Residue Remover
500ml G6 Perfect Glass Cleaner
1 x MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff Cloth