Gtechniq Panel Wipe, EXO & Crystal Serum Light

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Gtechniq Panel Wipe, EXO & Crystal Serum Light ois the ultimate protection kit aimed at the experienced detailer.

Crystal Serum Light (CSL) has the best possible swirl and chemical resistance for a prosumer grade product with substantially higher gloss than previous tech ceramic coatings.

EXO is outstanding for water and dirt repellency plus adds further gloss to your vehicle's finish.

Panel Wipe is in a class of its own for removing polish and other residues ensuring that CSL bonds perfectly to your paint.

How to Use:
Follow the instructions found on the instruction page for each of the individual products.

Please note that once you have applied CSL you do not need to use the Panel Wipe before applying EXO.

EXO can be applied immediately after you have finished applying CSL. We recommend starting at the same point you did with CSL following the same direction.

Kit Includes:
250ml Panel Wipe
30ml or 50ml Crystal Serum Light
30ml or 50ml EXO Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating