Gtechniq T1 - Tyre and Trim

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Gtechniq T1 - Tyre and Trim has been formulated to keep your tyres and trim black and spotless for longer than ever. T1 also gives you ultimate control over gloss levels offering a natural satin finish with a single coat to a high gloss with multiple coats.

T1 is based on chemical nanotechnology designed to offer previously unattainable durability, hydrophobicity (water repellency) and oleophobicity (oil repellency).

  • Supreme durability.
  • Satin finish with single coat.
  • Gloss finish with multiple coats.
How to Use:
1. Thoroughly clean and dry tyres and trim prior to application.
2. Squeeze T1 onto a foam applicator, tyre swipe or cloth.
3. Spread evenly onto tyre and/or trim surfaces.
4. Remove excess product with a separate cloth.
5. For additional gloss, wait 10 minutes and repeat application steps.
6. Use T1 Tyre and Trim within 2 years of purchasing, for best results, once opened use within 1 year.

Available in 250ml bottles.