Koch Chemie Green Star Universal Cleaner

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Koch Chemie Green Star Universal Cleaner is a powerful, highly concentrated alkaline based universal cleaner which is phosphate and solvent free.

Green Star is perfect for many detailing tasks including vehicle interiors, exteriors and engine bays. GS features special corrosion inhibitors to ensure high material compatibility with regards to sensitive components such as anodised aluminium.

How to use:
Exteriors & Engine Bays: For heavier soiling dilute 1:5 through to lighter soiling dilute 1:30. Apply to the surface using a spray bottle, pump sprayer or even a foam lance. Allow to dwell for several minutes and then rinse well with a pressure washer.

Interiors & Textiles: Dilute between 1:10 - 1:20 and apple to the affected area with a spray bottle. Allow to dwell for a short time before remove product residue with a damp microfibre cloth. On fabrics you can use with a wet vac. Caution, when using any cleaners on fabric always test for colour fastness in an unconscious area.

Available in 1 Litre bottles.