Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2400

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Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2400 comes with a bit more cutting power out of the Menzerna medium polishing compounds giving it a better cut than the standard polish. Ideal for general scratch removal. Can be used by hand with a microfiber cloth or using a machine with the Menzerna Medium Polishing Pad. Cut of 5 (1 Low 10 High) Gloss of 8 (1 Low 10 High) This will give an excellent result as standard and if followed by one of the Menzerna fine compounds and Power Lock ultimate Protection will give an extremely high level of gloss.

How to use: 
1. Ensure surface is clean, dry & cool to the touch.
2. Apply 2-3 pea sized amounts to a medium/heavy polishing pad or lambswool pad depending on the requirements of the job.
3. Place pad against paintwork & work at low speeds to spread compound.
4. Work abrasives at medium speed (3-4 with a DA, 2-3 with a rotary).
5. Wipe residue with Soft microfibre towel.
6. Finish can be checked using Menzerna Control Cleaner to remove all residue is removed.

Available in 250ml & 1 Litre bottles.