Naked Bikes Pure Shampoo pH Neutral Wax Safe

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Naked Bikes Pure Shampoo pH Neutral Wax Safe is a specific blend of the finest grade oils to clean without shortening the lifespan of your wax coating being PH Neutral so wax safe . Used by motorcyclist and motorcycle race teams we have a large customer base that includes some top motorcycle shops in the UK. Naked Bikes products are always carefully formulated and improved to ensure their quality and reliability, which is why many motorcyclist trust the naked bike range.

How to use:
1. Pre-rinse the bike.
2. Pour 15-25ml into a 20 ltr bucket and fill with warm (not boiling) water. Agitate to suit.
3. Wash with a wash pad or mitt, using a second bucket of clean water to dip and rinse away dirt particles in between each application.
4. Don’t over scrub or use pressure, let the pad/mitt glide and lift the surface grime.
5. Rinse well and dry as normal.

Available in 500ml bottles.