Nanolex Si3D BC

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Nanolex Si3D BC semi-hydrophobic coating incorporates all the benefits that come along with today‘s glass coatings, but adding to their performance and durability with its key feature; the flexibility. The Si3D BC coating is highly suited to layering, therefore delivering an outstanding finish.

Hard, amorphous but flexible layers combined with crosslinked, balanced straight-chainstructures simultaneously provide both the desired flexibility and improved bonding power.

Contrary to conventional, silane-based coatings, where volatility decreases the crystalformation during the conversion, Nanolex Si3D BC’s sophisticated formulation delivers solid, strong and extremely dense glass layers which even increase during the curingtime.

The used carriers for the glass and ceramic precursors are safe, non-aggressive, slow evaporating solvents, guaranteeing compatibility with freshly painted cars and sensitive paints, alongside simple, unproblematic application of the product.

Available in 30ml bottles.