Paradise Road Bug & Tar Remover

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Paradise Road Bug & Tar Remover gets rid of a wall of bugs or oily road construction, or maybe you just parked under the wrong tree? The good news is you’ve got the right bottle in your hand to take the road off your ride – Paradise Road Bug & Tar Remover. Super easy to use – just spray on and hose off. Always 100% safe on all surfaces.

Paradise Road Bug & Tar Remover isn’t just for paint – it also works great as an undercarriage and engine degreaser.

  • 100% safe on every exterior surface.
  • Instantly neutralizes paint-destroying acids from bugs.
  • Fast, easy, “spray on, hose off”.
How to use:
Whenever you experience any stubborn grime on your vehicle’s surface. Be sure to always use with water and to wax surface area after you have cleaned off the grime.

1. Spray directly on surface grime.
2. Wait 30 seconds.
3. Hose off. For the most stubborn grime, lightly wipe with a sponge or soft bristle brush.

Available in 18oz bottles.