Paradise Road Detail Spray

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Paradise Road Detail Spray simply spray on and wipe off. The result? A great new car shine plus a protective layer of powerful UV blockers to save your paint from the damage caused by the sun. You can even spray it on a dusty surface without any worries of scratching your paint. Just a quick spray and wipe each week will save you a bundle just by avoiding the car wash. WOW!!

  • New car shine in minutes.
  • Powerful UV protectants prevent sun damage.
  • The Car Wash Eliminator.
Is your car parked outside in the hot sun all day, every day? Use Paradise Road Detail Spray once a week for a great shine and unmatched UV protection against even the hottest sun.

How to use:
Use it in between washes to remove light dust and dirt particles and to maintain shine and protection. It is safe to use in the hot sun and will not leave behind any streaks or residue.

1. Shake before use.
2. Spray a light mist on surface of car.
3. Dry with a clean towel.
4. Lightly buff.

Available in 22oz bottles.