Paradise Road Glass & Surface Cleaner

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Paradise Road Glass & Surface Cleaner is Ammonia-free, Streak-free, Frustration-free? Yeah, you bet! Paradise Road Glass & Surface Cleaner is 100% safe and it cleans perfectly – we ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE you can’t buy a better glass cleaner. But it gets better, because we also guarantee that you’ll love using it around your house just as much as on your car.

  • Never streaks, even when used in the hottest desert sun.
  • 100% safe because it’s 100% ammonia-free.
  • Works great for household surfaces like granite countertops, stove tops and more.
Its safe and effective formula works great on all mirrors, windows, granite counter tops, and virtually every solid surface.

How to use:
Paradise Road Glass & Surface Cleaner can be used in either the hot sun or the shade, and will not leave any streaks behind. Be sure to save your windows as the last step when you are washing and waxing your car.

1. Spray on cloth or windshield.
2. Wipe with a microfiber cloth.
3. Dry with a clean towel (microfiber or soft cotton).

Available in 22oz bottles.