Paradise Road Wash & Wax

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Paradise Road Wash & Wax zero-scratch formula breaks up the fight between your paint and dirt particles, keeping them away from your car and preventing further damage. When it comes to washing your car, you might think just any old wash will do the trick. Well, we’re sorry to burst your soap bubble, but what you wash your car with may actually add to the damage your paint takes over time. And if you’re worried about your existing wax being stripped, don't! – 'cause we’ve got that covered, too. Rest assured you’ll get a just-waxed shine that’s safe and totally unmatched by any economy car wash out there. Clean it up, make it shine…it doesn't get any easier than that. 

  • Zero-scratch formula.
  • Won’t strip existing wax.
  • Extends shine and protection.
How to use:
Use it every time you wash your car, giving you a fantastic shine and a just-waxed look, even tho you have only washed it.

1. Add one ounce (1oz) per gallon of water into a clean wash bucket. Use a hose to add water and create suds.
2. Dip microfiber sponge in bucket and wash car from the top down.
3. Rinse suds off with hose.

Available in 64oz bottles.