Paradise Road Wheel Cleaner

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Paradise Road Wheel Cleaner gets rid of road grime, brake dust, dirt, mud, you name it and your tires and wheels will find a way to collect it. So when it comes to cleaning them, economy-priced cleaners that use dangerously aggressive acids just won’t do. That’s why we made Paradise Road Tire & Wheel Cleaner, a 100% safe, premium quality cleaner. Just spray on and hose off to make your tires and wheels look like new in seconds.

  • Factory-new look in just minutes.
  • 100% safe on all wheels and all tires.
  • Easily removes brown residue from tires.
After you clean your tires and wheels with Paradise Road Tire & Wheel Cleaner, give your tires that factory-new look with Paradise Road Tire Shine.

How to use:
Be sure to use Paradise Road Tire & Wheel Cleaner once a month to maintain clean wheels and minimize build up. This will allow for a quick cleaning each time.

1. Allow wheels and tires to cool to the touch.
2. Shake before use.
3. Spray over wheels and tires until fully coated. Wait a few minutes.
4. Rinse with hose or pressure washer.
5. For very stubborn stains, repeat.

Available in 22oz bottles.