Paradise Road Wheel & Tire Bundle

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Paradise Road Wheel & Tire Bundle cleans, it shines and most importantly, it protects your tires and wheels against everything the road throws their way, giving you back your piece of mind for your daily grind.

Where would you be without your wheels? Probably no where considering they’re literally what get you from A to B every day. So you know how important it is to take great care of them. Well, you know what they say - where there’s a wheel there’s a way.

How to use:
Be sure to use Paradise Road Tire & Wheel Cleaner once a month to maintain clean wheels and minimize build up. This will allow for a quick cleaning each time.

Paradise Road Tire Shine should be applied at least every 6 weeks in order to maintain that new tire shine.  Be sure to clean your tires first with Paradise Road Tire & Wheel Cleaner before applying Tire Shine.

Kit Includes:
1x Wheel Cleaner - 22oz
1x Tire Shine - 22oz