Sansom Hydra - Spray on, Rinse off Protection

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Sansom Hydra is the quick and simple way to add a long-lasting protective coating to all exterior hard surfaces including paintwork, glass, trim and wheels.

All the benefits of a wax, with none of the hassle.

To use, simply spray Hydra onto a clean and wet surface, then rinse off.

Hydra immediately bonds to the surface and makes it hydrophobic - water instantly beads up and rolls off.

Any water droplets left behind are easily captured with a microfibre towel making drying your car a breeze.

And ongoing, if water can’t stick then some types of dirt have trouble sticking too, making it easier to wash your vehicle the next time around.

The hydrophobic coating will last for many months and is rejuvenated after every wash if you are using a pH neutral shampoo.

Top Tips
1. Only apply to a wet vehicle.
2. Do not apply in direct sun or if the surface is hot.
3. Rinse off straight away.

Available in 1 Litre bottles.