Sansom Snowstorm - pH Neutral Snow Foam

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Sansom Snowstorm is a pH neutral formula, powerful enough to lift and loosen the dirt, dust and traffic film that builds up during spring and summer. But it’s also gentle enough not to strip any wax layers that you might have applied to protect your vehicle.

Gentle "spray on-rinse off" cleaner - removes the majority of summer dirt and dust before shampooing.

When shampooing your vehicle, there is always the danger that particles of dirt can get trapped in your wash mitt and wiped across your paintwork causing small scratches and swirls.

Use Snowstorm as a first step in your cleaning routine to remove as much dirt and grime as possible before you shampoo your vehicle.

The ideal application is via a pressure washer. When used in a snow foam lance, a thick blanket of foam is produced which clings to your vehicle, increasing the dwell time of the cleaning chemicals with the dirt.

Rinsing off with water takes the vast majority of contaminants with it, making shampooing quicker, easier and safer.

Available in 1 Litre bottles.