Sansom White Out - Snow Foam with Extra Bite

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Sansom White Out is a strong cleaner that you use before you shampoo your vehicle.The ideal application is via a pressure washer. When used in a snow foam lance, a thick blanket of foam is produced which clings to your vehicle, increasing the dwell time of the cleaning chemicals with the dirt.

Powerful "spray on-rinse off" cleaner - removes the majority of winter grit and grime before shampooing.

If your car is caked in mud, salt and grit – typical when driving in the autumn and winter months – then you want to remove as much of this crud as possible before you even think about touching your paintwork with your shampoo and wash mitt.

Formulated to tackle the toughest winter dirt, WHITE OUT breaks apart oily film, dissolves grime and softens and releases the grit stuck on your paintwork. Rinsing off with water takes the vast majority majority of grit and grime that might otherwise be moved around the vehicle when shampooing, causing dreaded swirl marks and scratches in your paintwork.

Available in 1 Litre bottles.