Scholl Concepts A15+ 1-Step Allround-Polish

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Scholl Concepts A15+ 1-Step Allround-Polish is a unique and universal 1-step polish for quick and easy preparation of used paintwork. Aluminium oxide based abrasive powder will remove scratches and treat badly weathered surfaces in seconds. Synthetic and natural wax components will protect the polished surfaces leaving a brilliant and natural shine for months.

How to use: 
A15 can broadly be used with all SCHOLL Polishing Pads. We recommend our abrasive Premium TopWool Polishing Pad for severe weathered or heavily scratched surfaces. For intermediate paint imperfections, use the open-pored purple Polishing Pad. To get a perfect final finish, we advise to use the extra soft, black SOFTouch Waffle Pad.

Available in 1 Litre bottles.