Scholl Concepts Ecofix E1500 Heavy Cut

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Scholl Concepts Ecofix E1500 Heavy Cut has been designed for applications on used and weathered paint surfaces. The unique Powder Technology provides an outstanding cut, a perfect brilliant mirror-like gloss and a minimum of dust formation. Effortlessly removes scratches and grit P1500 sanding marks in seconds.

Our formula provides best processing properties on conventional and scratch-resistant paint surfaces.

The compound has been specifically developed for the detailer and is not approved for the painter. For the latter we recommend the use of our premium compounds!

How to use: 
The Cutting Compound can generally be applied with all Scholl Polishing Pads. For best results, we recommend the use of the universal Polishing Pad orange or the coarse white Pad. It can also be applied with rotary as well as orbital polishing machines.

Cut: Extra Heavy (5/6) Gloss: High (4/6)

Available in 1 Litre bottles.