Shiny Garage Beads Carnauba Paste Wax

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Shiny Garage Beads Carnauba Paste Wax is a combination of high quality carnauba wax polymers and oils. Beads Wax is a natural wax, based on the most durable wax in the world, Carnauba. Thanks to its oily consistency it is very easy to apply, and mixed with the polymers repels water and allows durability for up to 3 months. Beads smells like sweet strawberries with a hint of vanilla. It gives a nice deep shine and protection.

How to use:
1. Apply to well prepared paint, use cleaners first if necessary.
2. Using a pad apply a thin layer of wax to the paintwork.
3. Leave for 3-7 minutes then polish with a microfiber.
4. If wax has cured & is hard to buff off, spray a light mist of Morning Dew over & buff to a shine.
5. After finishing application to the whole car, buff one more time with a clean microfiber.

Available in 100g Tubs.