Shiny Garage Morning Dew

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Shiny Garage Morning Dew is not only a quick detailer that makes the paint smooth. Morning Dew quickly refreshes the paintwork, removing traces of hard water spots or light staining, is our most advanced detailer which makes the paintwork slippery and gives incredible depth to the colour thanks to the special combination of polymers and waxes. The same ingredients provide excellent water repellency and protection for up to 2 months. 

Morning Dew can be used as a regular detailer or as a complement to waxes & sealants. It leaves the paint protected, shiny and adds depth to the paintwork. 

How to use:
1. Apply to a cool surface not exposed to the sun.
2. Spray on the paint, spread it using a microfiber, and polish.
3. To get the best effect, finish it up with a clean microfiber.

Available in 500ml & 5 Litre Bottles.