Shiny Garage Pink APC

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Shiny Garage Pink APC is an effective, multi-purpose cleaning concentrate. Designed for cleaning the interior, trim, vinyl and upholstery. Can also be used to remove dirt from the average external components including the engine compartment. Doesn't leave water stains. Pink APC is the same as Lime APC but with a pleasant wild strawberry aroma.

Lightly soiled interior - 1: 20
Heavily soiled interior - 1:10
Moderate soiled exterior - 1:5
Heavy soiled exterior & engine compartment - 1:2

How to use:
1. Mix with water in a proportion of 1:2 - 1:20 depending on the degree of dirt.
2. Apply product to the surface.
3. Clean using a microfiber or brush.
4. Wipe off with microfiber.

Available in 1 Litre & 5 Litre Bottles.