Soft 99 Digloss Giraedge

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Soft 99 Digloss Giraedge is a novel tire dressing which features a built-in shaped felt applicator, which makes it so much simpler to accurately dress your tires. The water-based formula stabilises into a smooth, thick layer that provides the ultimate in wet-look gloss, without slinging or picking up dust.

A clear effect in a few seconds? With Digloss Giraedge it's possible! A special applicator with a flexible dispenser adapts to the shape of the tire and allows you to evenly cover the surface in just a few moves. The water-based formula allows you to get the maximum effect of a wet tire!

How to use:
1.Shake the bottle well with the cap on before applying.
2.Take off the applicator cap.
3.Cover the whole desired surface with the product.
4. Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Available in 70ml bottles.