Soft 99 Fukupika Spray Advance Strong Type

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Soft 99 Fukupika Spray Advance Strong Type is perfect to just spray and wipe to freshen up your vehicle’s bodywork, removing light dust and dirt while applying a glossy and hydrophobic hybrid coating.

With Fukupika Spray Strong Type by just spraying and wiping, you will clean the surface and simultaneously apply a wax coating. Drying and re-wiping is not necessary. Blended fluorine resin drastically increases durability, and prolongs water-proofing for up to 3 months. An improved gloss component enables the spray to help you to achieve a deep shine on your car’s body. No alcohol or petroleum solvents are used during production, making the Fukupika eco-friendly and safe on skin contact.

How to use:
* If heavily soiled, wash off dirt from car in order to prevent scratches.
1. Shake the bottle well, turn nozzle to and spray onto car surface.
2. Softly wipe off with a soft, clean towel before the solution dries.

Available in 400ml bottles.