Soft 99 Galco Roll On Large

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Soft 99 Galco Roll On Large is a product to secure your car’s windows with a protective coating. Glaco Roll On Large ensures water-repellency for car windows and glass wing mirrors! Easy to use even on minivans or big cars. The invisible windshield wiper effect appears at 45 kph. Suitable for every weather – in winter, during snowfalls and frost exposure, window freezing is impeded! Specially designed bottle with an ergonomic shape, and a head twice as big as in the conventional products of this type, makes the application very easy.

How to use:
*Remove dust or dirt from the windshield with water in advance.
1. Take the cap off and apply it on a dry windshield. Press the side of the bottle to let the fluid out and rub it firmly onto the windshield without splashing the fluid.
*Do not apply it on wet windshield otherwise it may cause damage to the surface.
2. After drying for 5-10 minutes, wipe it off with a slightly damp towel which is wrung out.

Available in 120ml bottles.