Soft 99 Iron Terminator

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Soft 99 Iron Terminator is the most powerful iron remover in our range literally dissolves contaminants, causing them to bleed purple out of the surface! This pH-balanced formulation is safe for use on aluminium wheels and car paint surfaces, and has been formulated for minimal odour.

Brake dust and rust deposits on the rims needs powerful but safe solutions. Reach for the Iron Terminator, which will deal with such persistent dirt in a few moments. The special formula dissolves all deposits with spectacular bleeding effect! It can also be used on the aints in the decontamination process!

How to use:
1. Shake the bottle well and turn the nozzle to .
2. Spray about 10 cm from the cleaned surface. Apply on cool surfaces and in a shaded area.
3. Let it react for a few minutes, the colour will turn dark red. In case of stronger dirt, use additionally sponge or soft brush.
4. Rinse well with high-pressure water.
5. Repeat steps 1-4, if needed.

Available in 500ml bottles.