Soft 99 Luxury Gloss

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Soft 99 Luxury Gloss is a newly developed water-based liquid wax, focused on gloss, shine, and smoothness not found in other products. This may be used as a stand-alone wax, or as a quick top-up or enhancement for any other paint protection. Just spray and wipe, it could not be any easier! All this comes with a tropical mango scent to make application all the more enjoyable. At a full 500 ml, this is one generous serving of simple sophistication.

How to use:
1. Wash the car to remove dust, dirt, water and other residues.
2. Shake the bottle well, turn on the nozzle.
3. Spray the liquid 50 cm square each on dry paintwork, then wipe off immediately.
* Recommended to use with a microfiber cloth to prevent unevenness .

Available in 500ml bottles.