Soft 99 Neutral Shampoo Creamy

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Soft 99 Neutral Shampoo Creamy with newly developed rinsing components prevent dirt and stop cleaning remains and other residues from sticking to the surface, even if the shampoo dries out while washing. It is easy to rinse, and even in the summer, you will need to rinse only one time, which reduces the washing time. The creamy foam, while being delicate to the car paint, removes dirt quickly and efficiently.

Despite its powerful foaming ability, this product has been designed with ease of rinsing in mind. May be used on coated vehicles, diluted 1:50. Compatible with water- and air-driven foamers.

How to use:
* Remove dust and dirt with water.
1. Apply liquid to the wet sponge and wash the surface with sufficient lather.
2. Rinse and wipe off remaining water drops with a clean towel.

Available in 1 Litre bottles.