Soft 99 Tire Black Wax

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Soft 99 Tire Black Wax evenly covers the tire surface, enhancing its natural blackness. Created for all who want to maintain the matt effect and at the same time effectively reduce the aging process of tires. Tire Wax protects against moisture, dirt and UV rays, remaining one of the most effective dressings in the Soft99 offer.

There is nothing else on the market like this! This hard formulation incorporates mineral wax and ultrafine carbon black pigment to bring back a natural blackness and shine to your tires and plastic trim. Nothing restores faded black parts like this! Non-glossy and naturally black, this product restores the black pigment broken down by stress and UV, to revitalize stained or faded tires and trim.

How to use:
1. Remove dirt from tires in advance.
2. Take the cap off and take out the included sponge. Put the wax on desired area and apply it thinly.
3. Allow to dry for approximately (5-10 minutes), and polish with a soft cloth to get ultimate, beautiful shine.

Available in 170g tubs.