Soft 99 White Soft Wax

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Soft 99 White Soft Wax is an All-In-One among waxes. Created for white paints to restore it natural shine. Thanks to the soft paste form, it cleans very effectively, removes stubborn deposits and even small parking scrubs! It leaves a hydrophobic protective layer to make the effect last longer.

Formulated especially for solid white and pastel vehicles, this soft paste preparation contains a gentle polishing agent to remove stubborn dirt without affecting the paintwork, and high-grade mineral wax to form a shining protective layer with unbeatable brightness, plus superior water-repellency.

How to use:
1. Prepare your vehicle by washing it thoroughly with pH neutral shampoo, drying and decontaminating the car paint using a clay bar, a cleaner or other products.
2. Apply the product onto the included pad by rubbing it lightly into the wax after opening the can.
3. Spread the wax on your car paint thinly and evenly, panel by panel, with cross movements.
4. Wait for the wax to dry on the surface, until white residue becomes visible.
5. Polish the residue with a dry and clean microfiber cloth.

Available in 320g tubs.