Surf City Garage Beyond Clay Paint Polish

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Surf City Garage Beyond Clay Paint Polish restores faded paint to a factory gloss and removes swirl marks and light scratches, all while removing light surface contaminants. Smoothing, correcting, and polishing your paint doesn’t have to be a multi-step process, at least it isn’t when you use Beyond Clay. Doing more than any one product could do alone. Each application leaves your paint smooth, glossy, and reflective. Don’t let water spots ruin your car's finish forever. Beyond Clay can remove those too and it's safe for all surfaces including paint, glass, and even chrome or aluminum. Our proprietary Enthusiast Grade blend of polishes, paint cleansers, and surface enhancers is the ultimate one stop solution to bring the factory luster out of your car's finish. 

After you use Beyond Clay, always follow up with a protective layer of wax. We recommend Nano Seal Protective Coat to seal your freshly buffed paint and Nano Glaze Gloss Coat to amplify your shine.

How to use:
Buffer Use: Use a wool pad for moderate imperfections and foam pad for light imperfections. You can also use a wool pad first and then switch to a foam pad when the surface improves. Apply evenly to a cool clean surface. Begin buffing slowly using light to moderate pressure. Decrease pressure as imperfections disappear.

Hand Use: Apply a small amount to area. Using a soft microfiber towel, rub affected area until you achieve the desired results.

Available in 8oz & 16oz bottles.