Surf City Garage Black Edge Spray Wax

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Surf City Garage Black Edge Spray Wax never builds up and always streak-free even in the hottest sun. Your car makes a statement. So you need a wax that makes one too: Black Edge. Fact is, black and dark paint are different. They demand the opportunity to shine. Which is exactly why you need Black Edge Spray Wax. Formulated especially for black and dark paint, Black Edge Spray Wax leaves a sleek carnauba-polymer finish for an intense shine. Nothing goes on easier or faster, while powerfully protecting against UV rays and elements. 100% safe on clear coats. Make YOUR statement with Black Edge.

How to use:
1. Use Black Edge Spray Wax to help hide swirl marks & scratches and for a quick and easy, deep shine.
2. Always apply Black Edge Spray Wax to a vehicle that's clean first- free of dust or light dirt. To clean and prep the surface, first use Black Edge Detail Spray.

Available in 24oz bottles.