Surf City Garage Detailing Clay Fine Grade

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Surf City Garage Detailing Clay Fine Grade is soft and pliable, without being sticky, so it glides effortlessly across paint and glass without leaving excessive residues on your car or your hands. Lubricate the surfaces with SCG Pro Polymer Detail Spray or a mixture of our Rinse Free Wash & Wax to safely, yet effectively cleanse your paint leaving it smooth and ready for polishing. 

Starting with a completely clean and decontaminated surface is the key to any high quality paint correction and swirl removal process. Surf City Garage Professional Fine Grade Detailers Clay removes bonded contamination like paint overspray, industrial fall out, mineral deposits, and rail dust effectively and without introducing scratches or damage.

How to use:
1. Unwrap and flatten clay in palm of hand. Thoroughly spray a 2 square foot section with Surf City Garage Hot Rod Protective Detailer or Professional Polymer Detail Spray to lubricate the surface.
2. Lightly glide clay over lubricated surface until area feels smooth. If clay becomes dirty, knead and fold to a clean surface. Keep the working section lubricated.
3. Wipe the surface dry with a clean microfiber towel.
4. Repeat the process around the vehicle until the surfaces are smooth to the touch. Re-knead clay for each section to ensure effectiveness. 

Available in 80g Bars.