Surf City Garage Hot Rod Protective Detailer Sample

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Surf City Garage Hot Rod Protective Detailer, a true Enthusiast Grade, high-tech, wax-free synthetic detailer. Looking for a quick detailer that actually works? Not just some spray that looks good for five minutes, then shows streaks and scratches once it dries? Quick detailers are not all created equal. It’ll never scratch your paint or leave those irritating streak marks. Hot Rod works to give your car a brilliant shine with a fast gloss formula, unmatched UV protection and extended life to your paint. Less work for you – more show-stopping results for your car. For the clear Enthusiast’s choice- use Hot Rod Protective Detailer.

How to use:
1. Is your car parked outside in the hot sun all day, every day? Use Hot Rod Protective Detailer twice a week for a great shine and unmatched UV protection against even the hottest sun. 
2. Hot Rod works great on glass and chrome – and even on plastic moldings.

Available in 8oz, 24oz & 1 Gallon bottles.