Surf City Garage Pacific Blue Wash & Wax

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Surf City Garage Pacific Blue Wash & Wax is gentle and safe, but leaves the surface clean enough to eat off of. Did you know the most common way to scratch your car is by washing it? In fact, most paint damage can be traced back to the use of economy car washes. Well … Pacific Blue is the cure for the common scratch. This super-concentrated (32 washes in 32 ounces!), #1 Carnauba wax formula isolates dirt particles so they can’t scratch your paint. Wash & Wax without a scratch. You get Carnauba wax protection, it won’t strip your existing wax and it even smells great. Not like strawberries, but like the Pacific.

How to use:
1. Pour approximately 1 ounce of Pacific Blue Wash & Wax into a 5-gallon bucket of clean water (Wash Bucket). 
2. Next, fill a second bucket with clean water and set it aside (Rinse Bucket). 
3. Submerge a plush microfiber towel or sponge from the Wash Bucket and allow to soak for 30 seconds. 
4. Remove the towel or sponge from the Wash Bucket and wipe down a section of your car. 
5. When finished, clean off the contaminants from your towel or sponge by dunking it into the Rinse Bucket. 
6. Next, submerge the rinsed towel in the Wash Bucket and move on to a new section of your car. 
7. Repeat the entire process after each section. When you’ve cleaned your entire car, dry the clean surfaces with a separate, clean microfiber towel. 
8. Be sure to clean from top to bottom, leaving the lowest panels and wheels for last.

Available in 8oz, 16oz, 32oz & 1 Gallon bottles.