Surf City Garage Professional All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

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Surf City Garage Professional All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate is all about options: customize it to suit your particular situation. Its powerful, biodegradable detergents, surfactants and degreasers cut through the toughest automotive grime with ease. When diluted as recommended, it’s safe on all automotive surfaces including interior and exterior panels. Use to clean tires, wheels, engine bays and interior surfaces – including leather. Just dilute as directed and get stunning cleaning power with every use.

How to use:
Use at full strength only in situations that require extreme cleaning power. This is a professional grade concentrate and can cause damage to some surfaces if used incorrectly. (All dilutions are WATER : CHEMICAL)

Heavy duty cleaning - Tires, engine bays, clear coated wheels, bug or tar removal 4:1
Moderate cleaning – aluminum, wax-stained trim, foam pads and accessories 8:1
Light cleaning – interior surfaces, door panels, coated leathers, delicate materials 16:1

Available in 16oz bottles.