Surf City Garage Professional Machine Cut Polish

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Surf City Garage Professional Machine Cut Polish removes swirls, scratches, and 1500 to 2000 grit sanding marks with SCG Pro Machine Cut Polish. The custom hybrid-abrasive blend utilizes two distinct types of cutting agents to provide powerful swirl and scratch removal, but still finishes down so clean, often eliminating the need for a second step! Absolutely no silicone means, Machine Cut™ Polish is body shop safe and effective with dual-action, orbital, and rotary polishers with foam and microfiber pads.

Discover what perfection can look like with the amazing paint correcting power of SCG Professional Machine Cut Polish! 

How to use:
1. Always begin with a clean and dry surface.
2. Prime pad by applying approximately 10-12 pea sized drops of Machine Cut Polish evenly over the face of a moderate to aggressive polishing pad.
3. With machine at low speed, spread product over section to be polished.
4. Increase machine speed and work the polish until it appears thin and oily
5. Remove residues with a clean, dry, plush microfiber towel.
6. For additional panels use only 2-4 additional drops of polish.
7. To prevent product buildup, clean or replace pad as needed.

Available in 16oz bottles.