Surf City Garage Professional Rapid All-In-One Polish

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Surf City Garage Professional Rapid All-In-One Polish allows you to correct and protect in one fast and easy step. The high tech blend of cutting and finishing abrasives make short work of moderate to light imperfections on any painted surface. The specially selected wax additives leave behind a slick, brilliant shine making this the fastest solution to a flawless and waxed surface you’ll ever use. Safe for any painted surface including clear coat, single stage, lacquer and gel coat and designed to be used by machine with foam polishing pads.

SCG Pro Rapid AIO is the perfect solution for professionals and enthusiasts alike who want a fast, easy, and effective solution to correct and protect their painted surfaces.

How to use:
1. Always begin with a clean and dry surface.
2. Prime pad by applying approximately 10-12 pea sized drops of Rapid AIO evenly over the face of a light to moderate polishing pad.
3. At low speed spread product over section to be polished.
4. Increase machine speed and work the polish until it appears thin and oily.
5. Remove residues with a clean, dry, plush microfiber towel.
6. For additional panels use only 2-4 additional drops of polish.

Available in 16oz bottles.