Surf City Garage Professional Spray Glaze

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Surf City Garage Professional Spray Glaze is between a full wax and a detail spray. The easy-to-use formula means fast application, added gloss and the ability to mask minor imperfections when you don’t want to do a full detail. Use on paint, glass, chrome or any shiny exterior surface for an entirely new dimension of shine enhancement.

How to use:
1. Use only on clean, dry surfaces.
2. Spray a light mist of Professional Spray Glaze over the surface to be treated.
3. Spread evenly using a microfiber, foam or soft machine pad at low speed.
4. When dried to a light haze, buff away residue with a clean, plush microfiber towel.
5. For hard to reach or complex surfaces, first spray product onto the applicator and then spread over the surface to avoid overspray.

Available in 16oz bottles.