Surf City Garage Sledge Hammer Engine Degreaser

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Surf City Garage Sledge Hammer Engine Degreaser takes down those stubborn, grimy surfaces, leaving them perfectly clean without unpleasant odors or harm to your ride. Drop a sledge on grime with Sledge Hammer Engine Degreaser. Grease and grime can be pretty tough, and with a name like Sledge Hammer, you better be the toughest guy on the shelf. Sledge Hammer is your one-stop solution to all your heavy-duty car cleaning needs. Powerful degreasing agents and specially formulated detergents make short work of greasy engine bays and undercarriages- and even dirty tires.

How to use:
1. Rinse surface to be cleaned with clean water to remove loose contamination. 
2. Spray liberally onto the surface to be cleaned 
3. Agitate with an appropriate brush or towel 
4. Rinse thoroughly 
5. Repeat as needed

Available in 24oz bottles.