Surf City Garage Ultra-Clear Headlight Lens Polish

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Surf City Garage Ultra-Clear Headlight Lens Polish effectively removes fine scratches, surface contaminants, oxidation, cloudiness and yellowing, leaving lenses ultra clear. 

How to use:
1. Apply masking tape around headlight lens to protect surrounding painted surfaces.
2. Shake product vigorously and often during use.
3. Attach buffing pad to drill. Apply a small amount of Ultra-Clear Lens Polish to buffing pad.
4. Press buffing pad against surface of lens and start drill using highest speed you are comfortable with.
5. Apply more product to buffing pad as needed and polish entire lens.
6. Spray on a coat of Ultra-Clear Lens Protectant and wipe dry.

Warning: Do not allow Lens Polish to touch painted surfaces.

Available in 4oz bottles.