Swissvax Waschpudel Luxury Wash Pad

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Swissvax Waschpudel Luxury Wash Pad offers the compact, practical and effortless handling of a sponge combined with a towel style surface offering best cleaning performance and on top of this and most importantly may be machine washed after every car wash like a towel in order to ensure that it is guaranteed free of any residues for the next application.

Using a sponge for washing your automobile will inevitably cause damage to its sensitive paintwork because no matter how carefully and thoroughly you rinse a sponge after washing your car, there will always remain dirt, sand grains and residues in its pores causing scratches when next using it. Swissvax therefore always has recommended its customers to replace the sponge for the car wash with a towel as the latter may be machine washed after every car wash and therefore are guaranteed free of any residues. Many customers quit their old habit of using a sponge and reported that they were happy with the cleaning characteristics of a towel as well as the scratch free results, however, they were missing the practical handling characteristics and feel of the old sponge as the towel proved to be not as compact and handy as a sponge. This is how the simple yet obvious idea of the new Waschpudel was born: Create a cross breed between a sponge and towel merging all the positive aspects but excluding the negative ones.

The Swissvax Waschpudel is a "must have" for every car enthusiast and ensures that scratchers from washing your automobile are a thing of the past!