Valet Pro Advanced Compound

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Valet Pro Advanced Compound is a true one step compound that will bring life to the paintwork of a vehicle. It will eliminate swirls, holograms and sanding marks to leave a high gloss finish. Advanced Compound relies solely on the highly refined abrasive agents and is therefore wax & silicone free. It can be used with a DA polishing machine, rotary polishing machine or can be applied by hand with a ValetPRO Polish Applicator.

Thanks to the versatility of the polishing agents, Advanced Compound can be used with the ValetPRO polishing pad that best suites the level of damage of the vehicle’s paintwork. For light holograms and swirl marks we recommend using the ValetPRO DA Light-Medium Polishing Pad. For heavier damage or vehicles with harder paint we have the ValetPRO Medium-Heavy Polishing Pad and/or Maximum Cut Microfibre Polishing Pad.

How to use:
1. Ensure the vehicle has been thoroughly washed and decontaminated.
2. Shake the bottle. Apply a small amount onto the polishing pad. Use a foam cutting pad of your choice dependent on the level of correction required.
3. Using either a rotary or DA polishing machine, work the polish into one area at a time.
4. When finished, wipe the area clear with a ValetPRO Advanced Microfibre Cloth.
5. Panel wipe the vehicle before applying any protective products to remove and residual oils.

Available in 250ml & 500ml bottles.