Vonixx Blend Carnauba Silica Paste Wax

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Vonixx Blend Carnauba Silica Paste Wax is the best of Carnaúba wax with silica technology. Carnaúba wax is known for providing a warm shine to the vehicle´s paint. Due to the market evolution, there is a growing trend focusing on silica-based products, mainly because of the resistance achieved. Concerned about making a product that provides the carnaúba wax shine and strength of ceramic coating based compounds, Vonixx thought about gathering these two raw materials in only one formula.

Vonixx created a super product and, after months of research and hundreds of tests, reached a spectacular result: Blend Carnaúba Silica Paste Wax. This development has started from our purest type 1 Brazilian Carnaúba wax in which we are a reference in the market. Vonixx gathered cutting-edge silica-based products, and a protection film created to actively repel water, making the drops roll like spheres on the vehicle’s paint. Features like shine, resistance, and extraordinary results with protection that lasts up to 7 months make Blend something unique in the market.

How to use:
1. Wash the vehicle.
2. Apply the product with a foam applicator making uniform movements.
3. Wait for 5 -10 minutes.
4. Remove the product with a microfibre wash-mitt, until you reach your desired shine.
5. A second layer of the product will provide better protection and a brighter shine.

Available in 100ml tubs.