Vonixx Native Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner, Paste & Spray Wax Kit

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Vonixx Native Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner, Paste & Spray Wax Kit

Vonixx Native Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax is an exclusively high standard wax with advanced technology that removes impurities from your vehicle through the carnaúba protection. Containing the purest Brazilian carnaúba wax extracted from carnaúba trees from the state of Ceará, Brazil. This wax promotes a warm shine with incredible protection. Native Cleaner Wax is specially formulated to give excellent results on all finishes. Due to ease of use and excellent results, this product is a favourite among detailers. With micro-abrasives in its composition, the product also works as a pre-wax - cleaning your paint while you wax.

Vonixx Native Brazilian Carnauba Spray Wax helps to keep and enhance the brightness of your vehicle by maintaining the shine and gloss. Manufactured and formulated 100% in Brazil, Native Spray Wax contains the purest type 1 Brazilian Carnaúba Wax. Recommended for use after the vehicle has been completely washed and dried. Perfect for show cars to achieve the warm shine and depth of only a Brazilian carnaúba wax in half as much time. With excellent hydrophobic qualities via a simple spray on, wipe off application.

Vonixx Native Brazilian Carnauba Paste Wax is a high purity carnaúba wax produced 100% in Brazil and developed exclusively for car enthusiasts that demand the highest quality Brazilian carnaúba wax. Native is produced with type 1 carnaúba wax extracted directly from the leaves of the core of carnaúba tree from the state of Ceará. This state is the producer of the best and purest carnaúba wax in the world, and it also is its leading producer and exporter worldwide.

Kit Includes:
1x Vonixx Native Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax - 16oz 
1x Vonixx Native Brazilian Carnauba Paste Wax - 100ml
1x Vonixx Native Brazilian Carnauba Spray Wax - 16oz